Nothing Done Well is Ever Easy. Not Even a T-shirt

Anyone who’s worn a Wicked Quick Premium Basic tee is surprised by its silky softness. It can be hard to believe it’s 100% cotton, but it is. It just requires a very special cotton, carefully cut and sewn to our precise specifications, then washed in a particular way.

The journey of our Premium Basic tee isn’t short.  Or very exciting. But this is what it takes to create the standout product our customers love.


It starts in an LA workshop—one we’ve been working with for over 20 years—with big rolls of cotton sourced in the US. Here, our tees are cut and sewn by skilled fabric technicians. Our Premium tee’s uniquely modern, not-too-narrow fit comes from keeping to the exact pattern specifications that has become our trademark, including the precise drop in our V-neck t-shirts. At this point, as the tees move through an inspection, the fit has been established. Now on to the feel.


Color dying may not sound like an art, but anything done carefully is. Our proprietary dye process coaxes out the very small (we’re talking microscopic) but tougher, scratchier strands of cotton. This creates a much smoother fabric, with a lightweight feel, or ‘hand’. It’s breathable, too, but so smooth, it’s almost hard to perceive against the skin.

Most of the colors we offer are classic hues customers order over and over. Gray, navy, black—these are the ones they reach for day in, day out. We do offer a few brighter hues for those wanting a shot of color.

All have our signature softness.


From here, the tees move on to a final trim and inspection, where each one undergoes a last once-over. Loose threads are cut and we check to make sure there are no irregularities in the dye treatment.

Time to go north. The tees travel up to our warehouse in Portland, Oregon, for labeling and packaging, where they’re shipped out to customers, along with our other products.


What happens after that we only know from what our customers tell us. It sounds like our Premium Basic tees do triple duty: worn as work wear, weekend wear, even as an easy first layer since they’re so lightweight, they don’t add bulk.

We love to hear where you wear our tees. Because we know what goes into them. Now you do, too. Learn more about Wicked Quick's apparel and why it's the right choice for you.

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