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It was a bold promise in 1964. But Carroll Shelby made it his public and personal mission to knock Enzo Ferrari off his high horse. Ferrari’s imperious, dictator-style rubbed the tough Texan the wrong way.  Still, the original Shelby Cobra was giving him problems: stuffing that massive engine in a small chassis wasn’t working. So four Santa Monica hot rodders tore the cars apart and rebuilt them to withstand the strain and demands under Shelby’s watchful eye.  The result? A car that became the most loved, feared and copied sports car in all of American auto history.  After losing to Ferrari in '64, Shelby made good on his famous threat. His car and his team beat Ferrari and took the World Championship in '65.

100% US Cotton.

Light soft, suede puff ink for added texture.

Wash treatments for vintage look and soft feel.
Designed and made in USA.