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Thinking of Buying a Muscle Car?

For the love of speed 




A car on steroids that fulfills your need for speed and backs it with power-packed performance.

Muscle cars still have their legions of dedicated followers, guided by a bit of nostalgia and a longing for hitting the pedal hard. There’s also something to be said for simple, push-button radio stations and roll-up windows. No GPS in these cars, which is a good thing.

Classic in and out.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on one today, we have some ideas for you.

But first:  

Determine the muscle car you want

There’s a lot of variety in the market. All the top American car manufacturers have made muscle cars at some point. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, they have all produced models that went on to hook the imagination of entire generations.

Are you lusting after a Pontiac GTO, understated and super-impressive at the same time? Do you particularly like the styling of the ‘63 Corvette? Or would you not settle for anything other than a Dodge Charger?

Are you looking for something old school or straight out of a Fast and Furious movie?

Your reasons for buying a muscle car will help you zero in on the right model for you.

Muscle cars produced in the late 1960s are all-time hits. Many of them still command good prices, and that’s saying something for a product whose value depreciates superfast.

Along with model names, model years are also very important. The Pontiac GTO model of 2004-2006 is vastly different from the one produced during its heyday 40-odd years ago. Do your research before you hit the used car market to pick up one of these.

Everyone’s Playground – The Internet

The Web is still the best source for information related to muscle cars in your neck of the woods.

On a car comparison website like you’ll find thousands of muscle and pony cars. Here’s where you’ll get an idea of how much you’ll need to spend. Keep in mind prices for these cars fluctuate from region to region, depending on supply and demand.


Newspapers, auto magazines, and online marketplaces such as are good places to find collector cars.

Car Shows

You find all kinds of cars at such shows – the ones yet to be launched, concept cars, forgotten classics, and every so often, a muscle car.

Find out about the upcoming car shows in your region and attend one or two.

Auction Events

Since many of the best muscle cars are now classics, what better a place to bump into one than an auction for old automobiles?

These, however, are more likely to be collector’s items. Two popular auction events are: (the world’s largest collector car auction) and

Like-minded communities

Find muscle car blogging enthusiasts and dedicated groups on social networks.

Becoming a part of communities that share your interests is the best way to learn about what’s happening on that front and come across new, terrific finds. We are talking about inside information, the kind of stuff that doesn’t get published. Knowing the right people and discovering an old car through your contacts—that’s one of the best ways to find a gem.

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