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American Originals - Wicked Quick - Hell Bent On Speed


Friday, January 25th 2013

We at Wicked Quick are inspired by these amazing collages created by Nathan Stromberg, who is compelled by iconic American visuals. His work steers through and reflects the "historical space of post-war America as interpreted through the depiction of instantly recognizable period objects." 

His work can be seen at Terzian Galleries in Park City, Utah. Stromberg has been featured in several exhibits since 2000 - most of which were in Minnesota, and one in Boston, Massachusetts. His solo show in 2010 featured his paintings in Hopkins, MN and his upcoming solo show will be at The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, WI in 2013-2014. He is currently a self employed artist as well as a Visual Arts Instructor in Minneapolis. 

"For the past 18 months, I have been creating collage works of classic automobiles and motorcycles. They are made entirely from vintage newspaper salvaged from the walls of my home, where decades ago it was installed as crude insolation. I am fascinated with iconic American visuals. Art-making for me is an ongoing process of exploring historical space from a modern perspective. Collage is a efficient way to engage this re-contextualization of the past, because the object is reassembled from many smaller parts into something new. These collages appear from across the room to be sepia-toned photographs, but on closer inspection contain many separate layers of type and photography from the newspapers. The notion of media and consumerism physically and metaphorically defining the shiny object of desire- in this case the classic car, is a way of commenting on American society as a whole. They are at the same time simple and complex, ironic and profound."  - Nathan Stromberg

To see more of Nathan's work, check out his website here.

All images copyright the artist, all rights reserved.

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