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American Originals - Wicked Quick - Hell Bent On Speed


Monday, February 21st 2011
The Shelby name is synonymous with performance. It's a part of Carroll Shelby's DNA, which was molded and shaped during years of competitive racing. When Shelby transitioned to the business of automotive design in 1960, he changed the rules of automotive performance forever with his unique vision. Shelby developed some of the most recognizable and successful cars in racing, and no other individual has had such a lasting impression on the world of motorsports.

Wicked Quick is proud to be working with such an authentic and innovative brand. Since we debuted our first run of Shelby designs a few months ago, we have been getting a great deal of interest in our Wicked Quick Shelby Licensed Apparel. Our unique approach to both the artwork and printing technique is something that the marketplace seems to have been craving, and our wide variety of designs have something to offer all die-hard Shelby fans - both young and old alike.

We have pulled together a team of incredible artists and approached the project in a novel and creative way - just like Carroll Shelby himself. We combine authentic verbiage and imagery from the Shelby-American vaults, real dates and events and original colors - all paired with the fresh take on art and design that you have come to expect from Wicked Quick. Staying true to the Shelby tradition, our tees are inspired by Carroll Shelby's original creations, and many tees feature authentic logos based on original Shelby tees worn in the 1960's. In true WQ fashion, we have introduced new methods of printing in order to achieve an old, worn-in look and feel, while keeping our designs as true to the originals as possible.

Due to the amazing positive responses we've received at the last several apparel tradeshows, we are focusing more and more of our efforts on creating an even more diverse, super wearable line of Shelby tees. Stay tuned for updates as we further develop our collection of vintage-inspired Shelby tees, hoodies and polos.

You can buy our Exclusive Shelby Licensed tees here.

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